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Quality Products for your Baby

Everything for the Baby

Cam Cam Copenhagen offers a great variety of everything you and your baby need for the first year. From organic baby toys, such as baby balls, baby play gyms, music mobiles in many shapes and colors and baby teddy bears to baby rattles and baby comforters. The baby toys stimulate the babys senses with sounds or by encouraging them to develop their gripping reflex and make a calming, soft companion for sleeping time. The toys are all at least GOTS- or OCS-certified and thereby live up to very strict rules regarding material, environmental protection and working conditions. This counts for all other Cam Cam Copenhagen products as well. In the baby category you can also find the finest organic baby sheets, soft baby towels, baby swaddles, baby muslins or our popular babyblankets. The babyblankets and signature baby quilts can be used for the crib, as a playmat or for the pram. All of Cam Cam Copenhagens products come in a variety of beautiful, calming colors and our well-known patterns and can be combined to achieve a wonderfully harmonious expression. Shop everything for the baby here at the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop.

Baby products without chemicals 

Cam Cam Copenhagens philosophy originates from the strong belief that our children are the most precious thing in the world and only deserve the best. Consequently, all products are of the highest quality and produced according to GOTS- or OCS-Standards. Cam Cam Copenhagen cares about you and your baby but also about the environment and working conditions all over the world. The baby collection contains a variety of favourite products that preferably last for a lifetime. The snuggly babyblanket for example can also be used when the baby grows up and might be a companion for their own children as well. Longevity is an important factor for Cam Cam Copenhagen, which is why all designs, patterns and colors are timeless and classic, as well as a wonderful match for both, the baby girls and the babyboys. Create a coherent style expression in the nursery by combining, for example, a soft babyblanket, the calming peacock music mobile and a matching changing mat, all in the same pattern. The same expression can be achieved in other rooms, such as the childrens' room or the living room. Shop everything for the baby here at the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop.