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Organic Baby Musical Mobiles 

Cam Cam Copenhagen creates a variety of beautiful organic baby music mobiles for the nursery and children's rooms. The musical mobiles calm the baby, are made of organic materials and are OCS-certified. Among the Cam Cam Copenhagen music mobiles, you can find pretty balloon mobiles in a variety of soft colors, beautiful rainbow mobiles in Old Rose or Dusty Blue and musical mobiles with embroidered, elegant swans. A favorite is also the stunning peacock music mobile in three different colors. Choose between colors for the little girl, the baby boy or neutral colors. The music mobiles play infamous classic melodies, such as "Summertime", "Lullaby" or "Somewhere over the rainbow".

Calming Organic Pendant Mobiles

A baby mobile is an essential component of the nursery, not only for decoration but also because of it's calming effect on the baby. Cam Cam Copenhagen's baby mobiles collection contain animals, rainbows and the popular Savannah mobile, all of which are wonderful to combine. A pendant mobile above the changing table allows the baby to focus on something to look at and creates ease at sleeping time. Baby music mobiles are perfect gift for baby showers or the first visit for the newborn baby. Mummy is going to love to be able to play the melody for the little ones, while they are still in the womb. When the baby is born it will create a feeling of safety to listen to the same melody. See and shop Cam Cam Copenhagen's baby mobiles and music mobiles here at the official webshop.